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Dataworks for GNSS

UNAVCO has over two decades of experience with data and metadata management aimed at curation, archiving and distribution of GNSS data. In 2013-14, as part of the COCONet project, UNAVCO engaged with several Caribbean institutions to help them create data management capability so that they could have a repository of holdings, a metadata database, and mechanisms to present data and metadata holdings to users. Building on this experience and recognizing that many organizations operate GNSS stations but do not have the expertise to write their own software systems for GNSS data and metadata management, UNAVCO created Dataworks for GNSS as a project aimed at providing subsystems as open source software modules that can be employed by regional GNSS managers for small networks. Dataworks incorporated the GSAC as an integral component of the system. Dataworks was operational at several Regional Data Centers for the COCONet and TLALOCNet projects.

Development of a 100% Cloud-based Dataworks system was also envisioned.


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