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PBO Nucleus

The EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) component of the NSF-funded EarthScope project built and now maintains a GPS network for the study of the three-dimensional strain field in the western United States resulting from tectonic deformation across the Pacific-North American plate boundary. The PBO Nucleus subproject was developed as a means of incorporating the long time series of existing GPS networks into the geodetic measurement record of PBO, thus optimizing the scientific potential EarthScope.

The six western United States networks included in the Nucleus project were the Alaska Deformation Array (AKDA), the Bay Area Regional Deformation Network (the NSF-funded EarthScope project BARD), the Basin and Range Geodetic Network (the NSF-funded EarthScope project BARGEN), the Eastern Basin and Range and Yellowstone GPS Network (the NSF-funded EarthScope project EBRY), the Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array (the NSF-funded EarthScope project PANGA), and the Southern California Integrated GPS Network (the NSF-funded EarthScope project SCIGN). By the end of the PBO Nucleus project in 2009 209 stations had been upgraded to the PBO-style of GPS site instrumentation and integrated into the PBO GPS Network.

Please see PBO Nucleus sites using the Data Archive Interface.

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