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SuomiNet was started as a project started in Fall 2000 when the original UNAVCO Facility was part of UCAR Office of Programs to establish an international network of GPS receivers, configured and managed to generate near real-time estimates of precipitable water vapor in the atmosphere, total electron content in the ionosphere, and other meteorological and geodetic information. At that time, GPS receivers were not Internet-capable. This required co-development of an accompanying computer system at each site for communication and data transfer. Trimble 4700 receivers were selected for use with SuomiNet, each connected by serial interface to a standardized Linux system. Meteorologic data was sensed by a Parascientific MET3 or MET3A unit which was polled by the 4700 receiver at regular intervals. Both the GPS and meteorological data were streamed to the Linux system from each 4700 receiver in the BINEX format which was used because of its compactness compared to other available format options. The data management of the BINEX stream was handled custom-designed Java software, JStream, which binned the streamed data into hourly files for transfer to the UNAVCO archive.

The first SuomiNet 4700/MET3/Linux systems were deployed in June 2001 and most were deployed by mid-2004/2005. With the startup of the Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO), a few SuomiNet sites in the US were upgraded using the Internet-capable Trimble NetRS receiver as part of the PBO Nucleus project. Approximately 20 of the original 4700/MET3/Linux systems were still in operation up until 14.0 Feb 2016 when the remaining 4700 receivers become non-operational or started collecting data with invalid dates due to a long latent firmware bug. Data flow was ended shortly afterward.

Please visit the current SuomiNet site at UCAR/Cosmic, or the UNAVCO SuomiNet Support Overview in the UNAVCO Knowledge Base for background on UNAVCO's role in estalishing this network.

Please see Suominet sites using the Data Archive Interface.


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