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NLAS Project

NLAS (NASA LiDAR Access System) was a project funded by the NASA ROSES ACCESS Program with the goal of serving laser altimetry data from the NASA space-based ICESat system and the airborne LVIS platform through the OpenTopography system. NLAS was to provide integrated access to existing NASA LiDAR data products, as well as on-demand processing capability, and enhanced QA/QC metrics to make these data more easily accessible and usable to a range of scientists. Web services connect the NASA data archives at Goddard Space Flight Center (LVIS) and the National Snow and Ice Data Center (ICESat) to the OpenTopography portal and the data and processing capabilities available there. Integration of these distributed data archives via an easy to use web portal enhance exposure of these data and significantly streamline user access.

The NLAS project was a collaboration between UNAVCO, the National Snow and Ice Data Center, OpenTopography at San Diego Supercomputer Center, and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.


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