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The GAGE Facility Data Center handles data management tasks for GPS/GNSS data and products from thousands of globally distributed permanent stations and ten thousand globally distributed campaign sites. A large fraction of the data are contributed by GAGE community investigators. Our GNSS Data Management Overview illustrates the GAGE GPS/GNSS data flow from stations and campaigns to users.

The GAGE Facility archives and distributes GPS/GNSS data in a variety of product levels, formats and access methods. Product levels distinguish between raw data (Level 0), pre-processed data (Level 1), and post-processed/derived (Level 2) data products. In addition to direct file server access, web based graphical user interfaces, command line clients, and web services are available.

GPS/GNSS Data Products Access Method / Product Format
Data Product Level Description Generation Frequency Creator File Server Web Graphical Interface Web Service
Level 1 Standard rate data (15-sec) Daily, varies GAGE RINEX RINEX n/a
High rate data (1-, 2-, 5-sps) Varies GAGE RINEX RINEX n/a
Survey-mode (campaign) data Daily, varies GAGE n/a RINEX n/a
Level 2 Position solution time series Daily MIT ASCII, CSV ASCII, CSV ASCII, CSV
Velocity solutions Monthly MIT ASCII ASCII ASCII, CSV
Position offsets (e.g. coseismic) Varies MIT ASCII n/a n/a
Events (e.g. coseismic) Varies MIT ASCII n/a n/a
Tropospheric parameter estimates Daily CWU ASCII n/a n/a
Position solution QA parameters Daily, varies UNR ASCII ASCII n/a
Position solutions (loose) Daily CWU SINEX SINEX n/a
Position solutions (constrained) Daily MIT SINEX SINEX n/a

Data Access Methods

Data Access Methods include GUI and command line tools for site search and data access, direct HTTPS File Server access for browsing and command line scripts, REST web services, real-time data access streams, derived products access, and custom data requests. Please review the Data policy for data archived at the GAGE Facility.

Data Formats

Community Data Formats have been developed and are hosted at the GAGE Data Center. GAGE (formerly UNAVCO) has helped develop GPS/GNSS data and metadata standards, like BINEX, in collaboration with the GAGE geosciences community. GAGE hosts documentation about the BINEX data and metadata standard developed by the GAGE community and GNSS receiver manfacturers.

Data Operations

A collection of Data Operations pages for monitoring of archiving and QC.


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