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The UNAVCO Data Center handles data management tasks for GPS/GNSS data and products from thousands of globally distributed permanent stations and ten thousand globally distributed campaign sites. A large fraction of the data are contributed by UNAVCO community investigators. Our Data Management Overview illustrates the UNAVCO GPS/GNSS data flow from stations and campaigns to users.

See our video about Open Access Geodetic Data at UNAVCO for a general overview of Data available at UNAVCO.
View a video about UNAVCO GPS/GNSS Data

Data Access

Get GPS Data
Data Access includes the Data Archive Interface which allows site search and data access. Please review the Data policy for data archived at UNAVCO.

Request Real-time Data

Real-time GPS Data is available after first requesting an account by emailing rtgpsunavco.org. See the Streaming GPS Data Policy on real-time streaming data.

About Derived Data Products

Derived Data Products (also referred to as Level 2 Products) are created from raw data and other lower level products such as RINEX.

Associated Data Products

Associated Data Products are created from other products and models.

GPS/GNSS FTP Server Layout

GPS/GNSS FTP Server Layout provides a guide for the layout of our FTP data servers and provides links to direct FTP access to UNAVCO holdings of GPS/GNSS data.

Custom Data Request

A Custom Data Request can be made for collecting high-rate or real-time GPS/GNSS data at specific sites for specified time periods.

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