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GPS/GNSS File Server Access Examples

The GAGE Facility, operated by UNAVCO, is transitioning from FTP to HTTPS for access to our data archive file system. For more information, see our notice about the transition.

Please note! By downloading files from UNAVCO's file server you are agreeing to abide by the UNAVCO Data Policy.

Please note! In order to avoid filenaming clashes due to non-unique 4-character IDs, campaign data are found only in the /gnss/pickup/campaigns area.

The following examples illustrate access to the UNAVCO GPS/GNSS file server

Client HTTPS Access command syntax
cURLGet a single file
curl -L -O
WgetGet a directory of data
wget -r -np --reject=tmp,index.html*
Get a single file
Get station P123 obs files for the year 2010
wget -r -np -A "p123*.*.Z" --level=2 -nd --reject=tmp,index.html*

Last modified: 2021-07-21  00:00:44  America/Denver