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GPS/GNSS File Server Access Examples

The GAGE Facility, operated by UNAVCO, is transitioning from FTP to HTTPS for access to our data archive file system. For more information, see our notice about the transition.

Note: By downloading files from UNAVCO's file server you are agreeing to abide by the UNAVCO Data Policy.

Note: In order to avoid filenaming clashes due to non-unique 4-character IDs, campaign data are found only in the /gnss/pickup/campaigns area by request.


The following examples illustrate access to the UNAVCO GPS/GNSS file server using standard file/data transer utilities.

Client HTTPS Access command syntax


Get a single file
curl -L -O
Get a directory listing
(using query parameters noted below)
curl -L ""

Download matching files

Downloads three files ('p1230600.22d.Z', 'p1240600.22d.Z', 'p1260600.22d.Z') from archive directory /archive/gnss/rinex/obs/2022/060/ .

curl -L -O "{3,4,6}0060.10d.Z


Get a directory of data
wget -r -np --reject=tmp,index.html*
Get a single file
Get a directory listing
(using query parameters noted below)
wget ""
Get station P123 obs files for the year 2010
wget -r -np -A "p123*.*.Z" --level=2 -nd --reject=tmp,index.html*

Query parameters [Alpha Release]

NOTE: this feature is an early Alpha release. Let us know of issues or features you would like to see here. Be careful using this in production scripts for data retrievals as it may change.

Append ?list to directory URLs to get plaintext directory listings w/file names, file sizes in bytes, ISO8601 modification dates, and Unix timestamps. Use this parameter with cURL or Wget to check for new files in our archive.

Add additional parameter to the list option for a listing of full URL file paths &qparam=uris

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