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Attribution of GAGE/UNAVCO Support & Community Datasets

We provide here guidance for attributing GAGE services and community datasets. We consider attribution to be acknowledgment of GAGE Facility services and citation of GAGE Community datasets.

Acknowledgment of GAGE Support

If you utilized GAGE services including Geodetic Infrastructure, Data services, or Education and Community Engagement in conducting your research, please acknowledge us and our sponsors.

Acknowledging Support since January 1st, 2023

See EarthScope Consortium: How to Cite.

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Data Citation Guidance

The GAGE/UNAVCO Data Policy governs data archiving, accessibility and attribution. The NSF GAGE Facility's policies and procedures are consistent with ethical considerations and best practices of data use as described by Pritchard et al. (2012) Eos article and will facilitate data citation as envisioned by the NSF Geoscience Directorate. We are committed to Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) data principles ( The GAGE Facility is also a certified ICSU World Data Systems (WDS) Regular Member.

The NSF GAGE Facility archives datasets and derived data products that have been collected by many community investigators funded by a variety of sources. The data user bears sole responsibility for recognizing the role of the data provider through co-authorship, citation, sponsor acknowledgment, and/or other attribution, as appropriate and consistent with professional standards and sponsor requirements.

To facilitate data citation, we provide Digitial Object Identifier (DOI) assignments for all suitably-archived, publishable datasets (including GPS/GNSS, TLS, and SAR data and products). A citation using a dataset's DOI in a publication's reference list provides appropriate attribution. We believe that the ability to cite datasets using DOIs will encourage ethical use of free and open data. In addition to fostering data citation, DOIs are useful for accessing specific datasets or versions of datasets, and for tracking provenance. If you are using a particular dataset that does not yet have a DOI, please contact us to see if DOI minting can be expedited. If needed, multiple DOIs can be aggregated into a single (new) DOI for ease of citation when many datasets are being referenced; contact to arrange aggregate DOIs.

GPS/GNSS Dataset DOI Search

Community contributors of datasets in the GAGE Archive and others can view the DOI information for published datasets through our Dataset DOI Search.

NOTE: DOIs for our SAR and imaging holdings are not presently available via this search. Find InSAR and Lidar/SfM imaging data products.

Search GPS/GNSS Dataset DOIs

Citation Format and Examples

For GAGE support since January 1st, 2023, please see our EarthScope Consortium How to Cite page for minimal and full citation examples.

Minimal Citation Format

A minimal citation for a historic GAGE/UNAVCO dataset contains the following elements (all obtainable through our DOI search interface):

		Author(s), Publication Year, Title, UNAVCO, DOI.

Full Citation Format

The recommended full citation for a historic GAGE/UNAVCO dataset includes additional elements for the date you accessed the data and the date range of the subset of data you used, when applicable:

		Author(s), Publication Year, Title, UNAVCO, Boulder, CO, dataset type, DOI, date accessed, subset used.

Example - Citation of a historic GAGE/UNAVCO GNSS/GPS Campaign

		Miller, M. Meghan, 2001, Baja California 1996, UNAVCO, Boulder, CO, GPS Campaign Data Set,, accessed 1 Aug 2013.

Example - Citation of a historic GAGE/UNAVCO GNSS/GPS Permanent/Continuous Station

		Bendick, Rebecca, 2012,  Southwest Montana GPS  Network, BSPC – Big Sheep  Creek P.S.,
		UNAVCO, Boulder, CO, GPS Continuous Station Data Set,,
		accessed 25 Jun 2013, time-windowed subset 2011-09-09 through 2011-11-30.

See also our Related Attribution Policies & Practices page for additional guidance.

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