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14 November 2022

Save the date: GAGE/SAGE 2023 Community Science Workshop

Please save the date for the GAGE/SAGE 2023 Community Science Workshop!

24 October 2022

Clocking a speeding glacier reveals the fate of a disappearing lake

The metaphor of a “slippery slope” is often invoked for things that might quickly get out of control, but in glaciology these words can be applied more literally. In a warming world, we want to know how quickly ice sheets can melt and raise sea level. If melting ice lubricates the base and speeds up ice flow, losses could accelerate.

5 September 2022

Intern Spotlight: Lucia Bellino(USIP)

Lucia Bellino is a returning USIP Communications Intern working on honing her digital design and editing skills.

Event Responses

23 November 2022

November 23, 2022 M 6.1 Western Turkey Earthquake

At 01:08:15 (UTC) on November 23, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake occurred in Western Turkey.

22 November 2022

November 22, 2022 M 6.2 Las Brisas, Mexico Earthquake

At 16:39:05 (UTC) on November 22, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake occurred 29 km southwest of Las Brisas, Mexico.

4 November 2022

November 4, 2022 M6.1 Gulf of California Earthquake

At 10:02:46 (UTC) on November 4, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake occurred approximately 80 kilometers southwest of Bahía de Kino, Mexico in the Gulf of California.