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19 April 2022

Alumni of internship programs awarded NSF fellowships

The National Science Foundation recently announced the 2022 recipients of its Graduate Research Fellowship Research Program awards—and the list included two alumni of UNAVCO internship programs!

16 April 2022

Borehole project in Italy will help answer questions about enigmatic faults

Italy has experienced several deadly earthquakes in recent years. They all occurred within a complicated fault system that challenges our models for fault behavior. An array of instruments has been deployed across the region to help geoscientists around the world study these faults. And with support from UNAVCO, the latest addition to that array is a number of borehole strainmeters.

28 March 2022

Study led by UNAVCO staff tests an alternative way to measure earthquakes

There’s another way to approach this problem, and that’s to directly measure the station’s velocity as it moves during an earthquake—which has the advantage of working without relying on external correction information.

Event Responses

21 April 2022

April 21, 2022 M 6.7 Masachapa, Nicaragua Earthquake

At 7:42:46 UTC on April 21, a magnitude 6.7 earthquake occurred offshore of Nicaragua 58 kilometers southwest of Masachapa.

13 January 2022

January 11, 2022 M 6.8 Nikolski, Alaska Earthquake

At 11:35:46 (UTC) on January 11, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake occurred about 70 kilometers off Alaska’s Umnak Island, followed by a magnitude 6.6 event nearby at 12:39:31 (UTC).

7 January 2022

January 6, 2022 M 6.1 Corinto, Nicaragua Earthquake

At 16:25:07 (UTC) on January 6, 2022, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake occurred offshore of Nicaragua, about 58 kilometers south of Corinto.