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3 May 2021

2021 Short Course: GMT for Geodesy

This course will cover the use of GMT 6 in geodesy using UNIX shell scripting. Lectures and exercises will be given to teach the basic conventions of using GMT, such as plotting grids, images, and vector data (points, lines, polygons). Labs will include both processing and mapping of various data sets relevant to geodesy.

3 May 2021

2021 Short Course: InSAR Processing & Theory (GMTSAR)

This course will cover the theory and application of InSAR processing with GMTSAR. Lectures and exercises will be given to teach the basic theoretical aspects of InSAR.

3 May 2021

2021 Short Course: InSAR Processing & Analysis (ISCE+)

This 5-day course will cover basic & advanced InSAR theories, InSAR processing with JPL/Caltech InSAR Scientific Computing Environment (ISCE), and time-series InSAR processing with interferometric products generated by different processing centers.

Event Responses

28 April 2021

April 2021 eruption of Soufrière St. Vincent

Following several months of elevated activity—including the appearance and growth of a new lava dome—Soufrière St. Vincent started an explosive phase of eruptions on April 9.

10 March 2021

February 27, 2021 M 5.3 Point MacKenzie, Alaska Earthquake

At 18:59:25 UTC on Saturday, February 27, an earthquake occurred with an epicenter just across the Knik Arm of Cook Inlet from Anchorage, Alaska, where light to moderate shaking was felt. A tsunami warning was not issued for this event.

19 October 2020

Event Response to the October 19, 2020 M 7.6 Sand Point, Alaska Earthquake

A magnitude 7.6 earthquake occurred on October 19, 2020 southeast of Sand Point, Alaska. This is within the footprint of the Network of the Americas (NOTA) GNSS network operated by UNAVCO. The earthquake prompted tsunami warnings in communities across coastal Alaska and caused damage in and around Sand Point.