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Data Processing

UNAVCO provides and hosts various pre-processing or post-processing of GPS/GNSS, TLS, and SAR data.


TEQC (Translation, Editing and Quality Checking) — is UNAVCO-designed and supported for a variety of GPS/GNSS pre-processing and quick post-processing tasks, including translation to RINEX or BINEX, time windowing, satellite filtering, metadata correction, dataset merging or splitting, and GPS/GNSS quality checking of the data including coarse point-positioning.

GPS/GNSS Data Pre-processing

GPS/GNSS Data Pre-processing may be required for translation, metadata correction, time windowing or other filtering, and/or perform quality checks prior to post-processing the data. UNAVCO provides links to several tools, such as Hatanaka RINEX observation file compression/decompression, Trimble's runpkr00 for conversion of .r00/.t00/.t01/.t02 to .dat/.tgd, GPSTk, and others.

GPS/GNSS Data Post-processing

GPS/GNSS Data Post-processing — Several software packages to process precise GPS data for research applications have been developed by different international research groups. The availability of executable code, documentation, and user support varies with the individual development group. UNAVCO provides links to several major groups providing some level of support for the designated processing software packages (see menu at left).

TLS Software

TLS Software — UNAVCO maintains a software license server that enables community access to a variety of LiDAR and geospatial software packages.

SAR Software

SAR Software — community access to a variety of SAR processing packages, maintained by UNAVCO on the WiSAR site.

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