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Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) Software

The standard TLS data deliverable provided by the GAGE Facility to supported researchers is a merged, aligned, georeferenced point cloud dataset. The point cloud is the basis for additional processing and analysis such as surface modeling (e.g., the generation of digital elevation models) and change detection comparisons between repeat surveys. GAGE does not generate higher-level data products for PIs or students.

The optimum TLS data processing workflow will vary by project, goals, and available and familiar software. LiDAR data processing, analysis, and integration with other datasets are areas of active research in the Earth and geospatial sciences. In order to facilitate data processing and analysis by our community, GAGE maintains a software license server that enables community access to a variety of LiDAR and geospatial software packages as described below. These packages are available because they are either part of a scanner vendor's workflow, or they are widely accepted and used by the GAGE community.

For instructions on how to access these software packages please email

Commercial TLS Processing Software

For GAGE-supported TLS projects only, licensing for the following software is available via network server:

Software Developer/Company
Cyclone Leica Geosystems
Geographic Calculator Blue Marble
Polyworks Innovmetric
Quick Terrain (QT) Modeler Applied Imagery

Additional TLS software information, including learning materials and tutorials, can be found in the TLS Software section of the GAGE Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base is available to all users.


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