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GPS/GNSS Pre-Processing Tools

Here GAGE lists other tools for pre-processiong GPS/GNSS data, currated at other locations around the world. Please email the listed contact for support.

Hatanaka compression/decompression

Yuki Hatanaka ( (GSI) wrote and maintains rnx2crx and crx2rnx, which allows the user to compress/decompress a RINEX OBS file into a smaller ASCII format. The Hatanaka-compressed ASCII format version of a RINEX OBS file is frequently used in conjuction with the UNIX compress, zip, gzip or other generalized compression utilities to create a very small file for Internet transfer.


Trimble's runpkr00 allows users to convert .r00/.t00/.t01/.t02 files logged by Trimble GPS/GNSS receivers to .dat or .tgd files which can then be read by GAGE's teqc.

GPSTk Pre-procesing

"The goal of the GPSTk project is to provide a world class, open source computing suite to the satellite navigation community. It is our hope that the GPSTk will empower its users to perform new research and create new applications." Written and supported by Applied Research Laboratories (ARL), University of Texas at Austin, this package includes a wide variety of pre-processsing capabilities. See GPS Toolkit, GPSTk on SourceForge.

GPS Toolbox

Steve Hilla ( (NGS/NOAA) and Mike Craymer (GSC/NRCAN) maintain the contributed software for the GPS Solutions' GPS Toolbox, column which has all sorts of other useful stuff!


Marco Roggero ( (Politecnico di Torino) developed and maintains QC2SKY software which can be used to graphically display the qc plot files from teqc in azimuth/elevation sky plots. This includes support for the new GNSS COMPACT2 plot files as of June 2010.

Berne translators & editors

Berne translators and editors are available from the University of Berne Astronomical Institute (AIUB); See the Bernese software website for ordering information:

  • trrinexo and trrinexn: Trimble download format to RINEX
  • asrinexo and asrinexn: Ashtech download format to RINEX
  • rgrinexo and rgrinexn: ConanASCII format to RINEX
  • ccrinexo and ccrinexn: RINEX OBS and NAV cut/splice editing tools
In addition the following older Berne translators are available from GAGE:

JPL translators

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) translators dc, trb, srx, and rx for ConanBinary and TurboBinary are no longer maintained or supported by JPL. GAGE has old versions of some of these (also not maintained or supported):

  • dc: ConanBinary to JPL Standard format
  • trb: TurboBinary normal-rate to JPL Standard format
  • srx: JPL Standard format to RINEX

Ashtech translators

The following translator, convert, is available through GAGE with agreement with Ashtech. Convert is a DOS executable, developed by Ashtech circa 1993, to translate pre-"version 3" B-files into "version 3" B-files. It may not work on all early B-files. This software is not currently supported by Ashtech, and neither Ashtech nor GAGE assume any responsibility for its use. In other words: "User beware! (or Caveat emptor, even though you aren't buying it). It has been successful, however, in translating pre-"version 3" B-files to version 3 B-files, which can then be read by teqc.

  • convert: Ashtech pre-"version 3" B-file to "version 3" B-file

Garmin translator

Antonio Galán ( (Facultad de Informática) wrote and maintains experimental code that has been used to convert Garmin binary format to RINEX. We are providing a link to Prof. Galán's Web page as a service to the community; please send feedback to Prof. Galán directly.


Jeff Freymueller ( (Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks) wrote and maintains clockprep, which is used to convert RINEX OBS file in receiver time (millisecond receiver clock resets in time tag, smooth phase and pseudorange) into the other flavor of RINEX in GPS time (smooth time tag, but millisecond jumps now in phase and pseudorange) so that the data can be processed with GIPSY. Note: Having RINEX with smooth time tag is a required step for GIPSY users, but the resulting RINEX should also be able to be used in other processing software.

  • clockprep source and executables for Solaris Sparc and Linux x86


Jim Ray ( (NGS/NOAA; now retired) wrote cc2noncc, which is used to convert the pseudoranges in a RINEX OBS file from a receiver using cross-correlation technique (e.g., the AOA TurboRogue receivers) to pseudoranges compatible with the modern Y-codeless pseudorange tracking used in such receivers as Ashtech, AOA Benchmark, AOA SNR-12 ACT, etc.

  • cc2nonccFortran source and bias history
  • p1c1.f: AIUB's current CODE 30-day DCB for GPS SVs


Steve Hilla ( (NGS/NOAA) wrote cf2ps for Windows systems, which allows the user to graphically view the COMPACT plot files created by teqc (and the original UNAVCO QC program). To use cf2ps you must also install Generic Mapping Tools (GMT), developed and maintained by Pål (Paul) Wessel ( (SOEST/Univ. of Hawai'i at Manoa) and Walter Smith ( (LSA/NOAA).

qcview and qcview32

Jim Johnson ( (previously with UCAR/GST, now at GPS Solutions) wrote qcview and qcview32, which allows the user to graphically view the COMPACT plot files created by teqc (and the original UNAVCO QC program) on Windows systems, either in DOS or DOS emulation.

gt ("graphical tool")

Jim Johnson ( (previously with UCAR/GST, now at GPS Solutions) wrote gt ("graphical tool"), which allows the user to graphically view the COMPACT plot files created by teqc (and the original UNAVCO QC program).


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