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GT: Graphical Tool


GT (Graphical Tool) Overview

GT is a UNIX X11-Windows based application written in C that can be used to look at and edit GPS residuals or COMPACT plot files from teqc (or the older UNAVCO QC program). The current version of GT can only read GPS residuals output from the Bernese set of GPS programs.

Compact format plot files that are generated by teqc (or QC):

    *.ion   normalized L2 - L1 ionosphere observable
    *.iod   time rate of change of ionosphere observable
    *.mp1   MP1 multipath observable
    *.mp2   MP2 multipath observable
    *.ele   SV elevations
    *.azi   SV azimuths
    *.sn1   SNR for L1
    *.sn2   SNR for L2


There are several different versions of GT along with some support files. The following distributions are UNIX tar files of the GT source tree which includes an executable of GT for the specified computer architecture. This source tree is designed to be added to the source tree of the Bernese software system but can be used in a stand along mode. The directory structure of the tar file is as follows:

  EXE   -- the executable directory
    gt           -- the executable

  SRC   -- the source directory, contains main source code, make files
           and additional source directories
    EPH          -- obsolete directory, will soon be removed from distribution
    app-defaults -- contains the X-Windows app-defaults file for gt
    compact      -- directory with example COMPACT files
    dt           -- source code directory
    io           -- source code directory
    lib          -- libraries for gt (gt.a)
    lists        -- source code directory
    plt          -- source code directory
    utl          -- source code directory
    bernese      -- support files for Bernese software
    xbm          -- bit maps

Non-Bernese users can still use the source distributions. The following is the pertinent information need to use Bernese in a stand alone mode:

  • The executable is EXE/gt. This can be copied to a general bin area (/usr/local/bin for example).
  • The app-defaults file is SRC/app-defaults/Gt. The XFILESEARCHPATH environment variable needs to be changed to add the path to this directory or this file can be copied to a standard area (you will probably have to ask your system administrator about this).
  • The complete source code is contained in the SRC directory. There is a Makefile there, but it is specific to the UNAVCO systems. You will have to make modifications to this file if you want to compile GT on your system. You will also need to have Motif development libraries.

Available Versions:

An older version of just the executable for Linux (1.93 Mb) is available as well. Soon this will be replaced with a current distribution version. To use this version, get one of the full distributions above and replace the file EXE/gt with this file (uncompressed of course).


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