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UNAVCO promotes research and learning in geodesy by providing a variety of software, including web applications, and desktop utilities for scientists, instructors, students, and others. Web-based data visualization and mapping tools provide users with the ability to view post–processed data while web-based geodetic utilities provide ancillary information. Downloadable stand-alone software utilities include applications for performing computations on raw data, e.g., data pre-processing and post-processing, and data management tasks, and geodetic modeling.

Do you need help with any of the software topics listed here?

  • Request Support for:
  • Software Bugs on software in this section have been found, you have the problem(s) well documented, and you would like to report them.
  • Feature Enhancement — Perhaps you would like to request or suggest new functionality for a particular software at UNAVCO.
  • New Software — Perhaps you have an idea for new software or a software project.
  • Email teqcunavco.org for specific questions regarding teqc.
  • Email gsacunavco.org for specific questions regarding GSAC software and GSAC web services.
  • Email softwareunavco.org for other quick questions or if you cannot find what you need in the software topics covered below.

For various pre-processing or post-processing of GPS/GNSS and TLS data:

  • TEQC (Translation, Editing and Quality Checking) — GPS/GNSS format translating, correct GPS/GNSS metadata, time window or perform other filtering, and/or GPS/GNSS quality check.
  • GPS/GNSS Pre-processing ToolsHatanaka, Trimble's runpkr00, and other pre-processing tools for various tasks

Data management sofware subsystems for regional geodesy data managers are available.

  • GSAC — Geodetic Seamless Archive Center, a free, open-source software package that provides web services for discovery, sharing, and access to geodetic data and metadata associated with site-located instruments.
  • Dataworks for GNSS is a project to provide a turnkey system for regional GNSS data management of small networks which is being developed in stages as subsystems, e.g. one subsystem component being GSAC.

To assist all levels of users, visualization and mapping tools are available through UNAVCO. These applications allow users to display data for individual or small groups of data points in a variety of ways.

  • GPS Velocity Viewer allows exploration of PBO-site geodetic plate velocities, or your own geodetic velocities, in various reference frames.
  • Time series plotting tools allow users to see and analyze data temporally.
    • Data Archive Plotter dynamically plots North, East, and Vertical GPS/GNSS positions over time and provides site event information.

Modeling software, written by community members, allow users to test geophysical models that would give rise to various observations, such as GPS/GNSS site motions.

Geodetic utilities provide supporting information associated with geodetic positioning.

  • Plate motion calculator calculates rigid plate motions at one or more specified locations on Earth using one or more plate motion models.
  • Geoid height calculator calculates a geoid height correction at one or more specified locations on Earth using the EGM96 gravity model.

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