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GSAC — Geodetic Seamless Archive Centers

This site no longer maintained and here for archival purposes.

GSAC is UNAVCO's Geodesy Seamless Archive Centers software system, which powers geodesy data repositories with a web services enabled application programming interface. The early development of GSAC occurred in 2010-2012 with NASA ROSES ACCESS funding. Development continues today as a collaboration by the community of GSAC adopters via an open source software project. UNAVCO's ongoing efforts are supported by the National Science Foundation.

GSAC software is intended to provide simple, consistent web services at geodetic-focused data centers in order to facilitate discovery, sharing, and access to data. The GSAC data model assumes data are collected at instrument sites such as a GNSS station or a VLBI station. Ancillary site-based data and information such as meteorological observations, or a streaming data endpoint, can also be presented through GSAC. GSAC supports queries for metadata about geodesy sites and instruments, and provides access to instrumental data files. The GSAC software includes a web GUI that leverages the GSAC web services for web based search and access.

Data centers can download, install and configure the software to enable a GSAC Repository at their site. The software can also be used in a federated mode to allow multiple GSAC Repositories to be queried simultaneously through web services or a web GUI. Information about the GSAC software Architecture, guidance on Installation, detailed User Information, and operational GSAC Repositories is available. Exploring these links is a good way to become familiar with GSAC in action.


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