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GSAC Architecture

This site no longer maintained and here for archival purposes.

GSAC can be installed at a data center having at minimum a database of information about its instrumentation and data files or data stream access point(s). Any organization with data from instruments at sites, and information about the data files and their sites (monuments or stations) and instruments in a database, can provide web services about their data repository to the community by installing GSAC. GSAC is ready-to-use middleware between your database and data on one hand and a remote user needing to query metadata or access data on the other. GSAC uses your database, data serving capability (typically ftp), and application server, and creates web services for data discovery and access.

The free, open source GSAC code is written in Java and implements a repository and a service layer. The repository must be configured to interact with the data center's database. GSAC's query handling web services API can accept properly formatted html requests. As part of GSAC, a web GUI is provided as an interface to the API and a Java command line client allows users to do programmatic searches of a GSAC repository and to download files (e.g.) from the command line.

A GSAC introduction for data centers is available online: UNAVCO GSAC Web Services for Geodesy Data Repositories.


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