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This site no longer maintained and here for archival purposes.

All GSAC code is Java-based and open-source, and freely available on SourceForge.

GSAC Repository

The SourceForge GSAC Repository contains contains the GSAC package for creating a GSAC Repository. See the GSAC Installation page to download the package and install GSAC. (Note that the GSAC code package you use to install GSAC is not the 'GSAC client').

The GSAC API and the GSAC Client

You can use the GSAC API with command line requests, or with commands in scripts, for automated GSAC requests of routine or large demands (many data files). Most users use the GSAC API with direct calls (Linux) to the API. The API request string is shown for every request on the web interface, to help compose working API calls.

Programmatic Access to GSAC Data Repositories

Optionally, the GSAC Client program also accesses a GSAC repository through its API. The GSAC command line client, a Java-based client program, runs on your command line without a web browser, for accessing GSAC repositories. The GSAC client program lets users to do programmatic searches of a GSAC repository and download files without use of web forms. The client can be run in batch mode for multiple or repetitive queries, to automatically get data of use to you. The GSAC command line client is available for download as part of the GSAC package at SourceForge. Download the GSAC client package from SourceForge. Click "Download /" Once downloaded, unzip the file

GSAC versions

The GSAC package in SourceForge is updated as often as improvements are made. GSAC was updated to use recent Java libraries and both Java 1.6 and 1.7 in January 2015.


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