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Help with GSAC

This site no longer maintained and here for archival purposes.

To comment on or ask questions about using the UNAVCO GSAC web services (not about GSAC code or installation), please e-mail

GSAC documents

Two documents are useful to users of GSAC repositories and to repository operators.

GSAC Repository Operators' Email

For data center operators currently running GSAC services, or contemplating doing so, contact, which is a contact mail list for exchange of information. You can join by following the instructions at / mailman / listinfo / gsac
When you subscribe to this list you will receive future Newsletters and other posts. Please send any questions or suggestions about GSAC to

UNAVCO: GSAC Development and Support Personnel

  • Fran Boler, PI and UNAVCO GSAC Project Manager —
  • Stuart Wier, Science Software Engineer —

GSAC Presentations

Powerpoint presentations from the GSAC/EPOS 2014 Meeting, 31 Mar 2014, Covilha, Portugal:

The GSAC Newsletter

Information about additions to GSAC services and about GSAC repositories:


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