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5 Sep 2022

Intern Spotlight: Lucia Bellino(USIP)

Lucia Bellino is a returning USIP Communications Intern working on honing her digital design and editing skills.

2 Sep 2022

Intern Spotlight: Zachary Courter (USIP)

Zach Courter is a rising senior at the University of Colorado Denver where he is majoring in biology and minoring in communications.

1 Sep 2022

A new map of strain across the western US using GPS data

GPS/GNSS stations also record the gradual strain that accumulates along a fault until it slips again. A new study presents a fresh analysis of that strain in the western United States.

31 Aug 2022

Intern Spotlight: Kenneth (Kenny) Larrieu (USIP)

Kenny Larrieu is a PhD student at the University of California, Davis, where he uses autonomous underwater vehicles to study the dynamics of mixing in lakes and their ecological consequences

29 Aug 2022

Intern Spotlight: Cole Speed (USIP)

Cole Speed will be entering the final year of his PhD program at the University of Texas at Austin. Cole researches planetary surface processes, specifically how river evolution is preserved in the ancient rock record on both Earth and other planetary bodies.

26 Aug 2022

Intern Spotlight: Becca Bussard (USIP)

Becca Bussard is a 4th year PhD candidate at the University of Oregon and a returning USIP intern. Her PhD work utilizes geodetic techniques, primarily interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR), to investigate volcanoes in the Cascades.

24 Aug 2022

Intern Spotlight: Kayla Byrd (USIP)

Kayla Byrd recently graduated from the University of Michigan, where she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in material science engineering with a minor in graphic design.

22 Aug 2022

Intern Spotlight: Ian Sulley (USIP)

Ian Sulley is a rising senior at Union College, where he is majoring in computer engineering and minoring in embedded machine learning.

19 Aug 2022

Intern Spotlight: Jamie O’Reilly (Geo-Launchpad)

Jamie O’Reilly will be starting her final year at Red Rocks Community College to earn her associate’s degree in engineering.

17 Aug 2022

Intern Spotlight: Taryn Roby & Kyle Albrecht (Geo-Launchpad)

Taryn Roby is transferring from Red Rocks Community College to Metropolitan State University as a rising junior majoring in environmental science and obtaining a water studies certificate.

15 Aug 2022

Intern Spotlight: Kristen Grayson (Geo-Launchpad)

Kristen Grayson is a biology major currently enrolled at Pikes Peak Community College, who is working on examining and drafting local government water conservation policies

12 Aug 2022

Intern Spotlight: Addison Curtis (RESESS)

Addison Curtis is a rising senior at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where they are majoring in chemistry with minors in geology and secondary education.