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Broader Impacts Proposal Guidance

UNAVCO will assist PIs in development of their broader impacts for NSF proposals as well as for the education and public outreach component of NASA proposals. Please see the NSF's Grant Proposal Guide.

UNAVCO staff can work with you on refining your broader impacts, helping to set a reasonable plan and budget for implementation, evaluation, and execution of your projects. Below we offer some general guidance as well as specific geodesy-related activities that might be used to achieve Broader Impact criteria.

General Guidance

  • Broader Impacts can apply to all levels of education as well as public outreach activities.
  • Increasing STEM (science, technology, engineering, & mathematics) diversity, STEM workforce fitness, public scientific literacy, research and education infrastructure and partnerships are particularly valued.
  • Outreach needs to be top notch and visible.
  • Build relationships before a specific grant opportunity is needed.
  • Impact should fit with your research, it must use your research/discoveries as the base, and it needs to make sense.
  • Be clear about how you will fund broader impact activities.
  • Be clear about how you will measure success (evaluation).

Student Support Proposal Guidance

Undergraduate research experiences are valued highly by NSF, particularly if populations underrepresented in science are involved. UNAVCO's Research Experience in Solid Earth Sciences for Students (RESESS) program has a track record of excellence in this regard. Proposal guidance for student support is available to PIs interested in including undergraduates in their research projects, PIs interested in supporting a RESESS intern, and guidance on best practices on mentoring undergraduates.

UNAVCO manages RESESS, an undergraduate research internship focused on increasing the diversity in geosciences. PIs can include support for an undergraduate student to conduct research with them for one or more summers.

87% of RESESS alumni are in geoscience graduate school or working in a geosciences-focused profession. PIs provide support for salary. Programmatic support is funded by the RESESS program and UNAVCO.

Programmatic support includes conference travel, registration, GRE preparation, communications workshop, and leadership training in addition to other infrastructure support.

Field Education Support Proposal Guidance

Field education is an excellent opportunity to increase knowledge of geodesy and geodetic technologies for future members of the geoscience workforce. UNAVCO has experience integrating terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), structure from motion (SfM) and GPS surveying into undergraduate and graduate field courses. UNAVCO staff can work with PIs to draw from existing curricular materials, design additional teaching resources, and estimate the financial support needed for UNAVCO to supply TLS, SfM, and GPS equipment as well as trained staff to assist with the use of these tools in a teaching environment. For field education support, please fill out both the Field Education Support Request Form and Request Support.

Technical Short Courses Proposal Guidance

UNAVCO provides an annual series of short courses focused on UNAVCO tools and data streams. Short Courses are offered to enhance the capacity of our scientific community to process, analyze, and interpret various types of geodetic data. PIs who are developing tools, data products, and related materials focused on UNAVCO-supported science write short course support into their proposals. The grants then support student and instructor travel expenses, and food during the short course; UNAVCO provides logistical support and can host the short course.

Curriculum Design and Instructional Support Proposal Guidance

UNAVCO provides guidance to PIs interested including the development, testing, and/or dissemination of geodetic-focused and geodesy application curriculum in their proposals. Support to instructional staff and faculty on curriculum design and instruction focused on geodesy and UNAVCO-supported science can also be provided. Services also include facilitation of new curriculum materials, guidance on revision of existing materials, and development of ancillary tools and materials.

Communication and Dissemination Proposal Guidance

UNAVCO provides support for dissemination of geodesy-related research activities and results. UNAVCO has multiple venues to share investigator work including social media, publication summaries, project Highlights, and list-serve. Support by UNAVCO staff can range from guidance on developing a dissemination plan for the project to science communication training to executing the outreach activities.

Request Support for help with developing broader impacts in proposals.

Contact for more detail or with any questions.


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