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Help with Data

For help with general data access, custom data access, data processing, or archiving of community-submitted data or data products.

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Request Help

See our Data Help Desk.

You can also send general data help requests via email to:

Request Support

Request Support for any of the specific data topics listed below. A project manager will be assigned for complex requests that require multiple services, coordination, and management.

  • GPS/GNSS Data Processing Service is available for high-precision GPS/GNSS products, utilizing the existing GAGE processing infrastructure
  • Data Archiving is available for community GPS/GNSS data and data products (GPS time series and velocities), high-rate (1-Hz and higher rates) GPS data (upon request), SAR data, TLS data, and related metadata to archive for long-term secure storage and easy retrieval. The Archive primarily stores high-precision geodetic data used for research purposes, collected under projects sponsored by NSF and NASA. Please see Submission of Data for more detailed information for submitting GPS/GNSS or TLS data to GAGE for archiving.

A Custom Data Request can be made for certain special situtations at certain sites (please see the form for other requirements):

  • GPS/GNSS high rate (i.e. 1- or 5-Hz rate) (note: for real-time GPS/GNSS, use email address below)
  • borehole strain (i.e. processed 1-Hz rate)
  • borehole seismic (i.e. 200-Hz rate)
  • surface laser strain (i.e. processed 1-Hz rate)

Sign up for real-time data access: go to your EarthScope user profile page, once you have registered with us and signed in, and see the Licenses tab.


See our Attribution page for help with attribution, including acknowledgment of GAGE Facility services and data citation for GAGE Community datasets.


For general data help email

Email for questions about access to real-time GPS/GNSS data (Also see Realtime Access request)

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Data Product Levels

Data Product Level Data Product Description
0Raw data
1Pre-processed data (quality controlled, common exchange format)
2Post-processed data (derived product from standard processing)
3Research product

Our product levels are adapted from National Research Council Committee on Data Management and Computation (CODMAC).

About GAGE Geodetic Data Services

Our data services are in transition and have moved into the cloud. We are also refactoring our data services and will provide more information about our new platforms and capabilites, as they are finalized.

More Help

See Help at GAGE for a full listing of help options.


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