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Past Projects

UNAVCO has had other past projects, many collaborating with other institutions. The topics below cover some of the more significant ones.

At GAGE Facility

PBO Nucleus — incorporation of existing various western US arrays into PBO GPS Network

PBO GPS Campaigns — GPS Campaigns to augment the permanent PBO GPS Network

GeoEarthScope — SAR, ALS, and geochronology datasets for EarthScope

Off Site

Africa Array — Pan-African Network of Observatories

GEON — Cyberinfrastructure for the Geosciences

INTERFACE — data processing and visualization software for TLS data

SNARF — Stable North America Reference Frame

ILP GSRM — Global Strain Rate Model sponsored by the International Lithosphere Project

GEM GSRM — Global Strain Rate Model sponsored by the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) international forum

Basin and Range Geodetic Network (BARGEN) — permanent GPS network in the western US co-developed and installed by UNAVCO

L1 Project — L1-only receiver & radio modem system for geo-hazardous sites

NLASNASA LiDAR Access System — a NASA ROSES funded project to integrate NASA IceSAT satellite and altitude airborne LiDAR into the OpenTopography system and lay the groundwork for data flow from the NASA DESDynI mission

SSARASeamless SAR Archive — a NASA ROSES funded project to provide users with GUI and web service API to view and retrieve SAR data from multiple archives

SuomiNet — world-wide GPS and meteorological array

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