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AfricaArray is an innovative programme to promote, strengthen and maintain a workforce of highly trained African geoscientists and researchers for Africa. Well-trained geoscience professionals are key to sustainable development as demand grows for Africa's natural resources and as Africa's environment is impacted by global change.

A 20-year initiative, AfricaArray refers to scientists working on arrays of continent-wide linked projects; arrays of shared training programmes and observational networks; and above all, a common vision that Africa will build and retain capacity in an array of technical and scientific fields.

AfricaArray also is committed to enhancing the diversity of the geosciences workforce in Africa and the U.S.

UNAVCO was funded by NSF MRI-R2 award 0960160 to support the acquisition and installation of 20 dual-frequency GPS receivers and automatic weather stations (met stations) at selected sites across the African continent, with 15 collocated with existing seismic recorders that are a part of a previously NSF-funded seismic network on the African continent (AfricaArray; EAR - 0446647). All GPS and met data are archived at UNAVCO and are openly distributed via the Web. UNAVCO funding for this NSF award ran from March 2010 to Feb 2013. New data continue to be archived at UNAVCO.

Please see AfricaArray sites using the Data Archive Interface.


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