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GEM Global Strain Rate Model

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In 2009, the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) foundation solicited proposals to create a geodetic strain rate model. The results are are an update of the ILP Global Strain Rate Model. The new model, GEM Global Strain Rate Model, is a large improvement on its predecessor, mostly because of the enormous increase in data. The data increase is large enough that the new model is almost exclusively based on the geodetic data alone, whereas the older model used faulting information and earthquake focal mechanisms as additional constraints. The data increase is from 1) a proliferation of GPS permanent stations around the world and 2) a large number of studies with geodetic velocities have been published since 2004. All available raw data were analyzed by the Nevada Geodetic Laboratory to obtain a unique consistent set of horizontal velocities.

UNAVCO aided the GEM GSRM project by designing and building a new website to host the model, including a description of the methodology used to create the model, the geodetic data used to contrain the model, and the model results. UNAVCO also made the input geodetic data and the model results available in a special edition of UNAVCO's Jules Verne Voyager.


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