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Help with Projects

Do you need help with any of the project topics listed below, including project technical planning, budgeting, or letters of support?

Request Support

Request Support for any of the specific project topics listed below. A project manager will be assigned for complex requests that require multiple services, coordination, and management.

  • Project Technical Planning of PI projects involving GPS/GNSS; borehole instrumentation including strainmeters, accelerometers, and seismometers; terrestrial laser scanning (TLS); communication and power systems.
  • Project Budgeting includes project design and implementation costs, including possible equipment design and/or equipment loan, and is developed with UNAVCO and PIs working together.
  • Broader Impacts Proposal Guidance submitted by community PIs — UNAVCO can provide guidance to PIs with proposal planning and budgeting for broader impacts. Some examples include student support, field education using TLS and other geodetic technologies, short courses led by PIs, development and testing of educational materials, social media and broader communication dissemination.
  • Letters of Support can be provided by UNAVCO management to detail the resources and support that UNAVCO will provide should the proposal succeed.

Related Info

There are some special considerations for new Projects or Project Proposals. Perhaps your new project could make use of instrumentation available from UNAVCO as an equipment loan, or your project will use new gear that needs equipment testing. Or you would like to plan ahead for data archiving at UNAVCO. Or you need software enhancements. For these and other possibilities, please also see the Related Links in the lefthand menu.

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Email for quick questions or if you cannot find what you need in the Projects topics section.

More Help

See Help at UNAVCO for a full listing of help options at UNAVCO.


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