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The Bernese GPS software is a high performance, high accuracy, and highly flexible reference GPS/GLONASS post-processing package. State of the art modeling, detailed control over all relevant processing options, performant automatization tools, the adherence to up to date internationally adopted standards, and the inherent flexibility due to a highly modular design are characteristics of the Bernese GPS Software.

Bernese is a commercial software product.

Typical users:

  • Scientists for research and education
  • Survey agencies responsible for high-accuracy GPS surveys (e.g., first order networks)
  • Agencies responsible to maintain arrays of permanent GPS receivers
  • Commercial users with complex applications demanding high accuracy, reliability , and high productivity

Bernese is particularly well suited for:

  • Rapid processing of small-size single and dual frequency surveys
  • Automatic processing of permanent networks
  • Processing of data from a large number of receivers
  • Combination of different receiver types, taking antenna phase center variations into account
  • Combined processing of GPS and GLONASS observations
  • Ambiguity resolution on long baselines (2000 km and longer)
  • Ionosphere and troposphere monitoring
  • Clock estimation and time transfer
  • Generation of minimum constraint network solutions
  • Orbit determination and estimation of Earth orientation parameters

Please visit the Bernese GPS Software website for more information.


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