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Real-Time GPS/GNSS Data

GAGE publicly broadcasts real-time streaming GPS/GNSS (RT-GNSS) data from some stations in the Network of the Americas (NOTA), a network comprised of stations formerly part of the PBO, COCONet, and TLALOCNet networks. Realtime 1-Hz streams from these selected stations are available in both BINEX and RTCM (version 3.1) formats via the Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol (NTRIP). We also provide 1-Hz point position processed solutions for those same selected stations via NTRIP.

BINEX is an open-source binary format that contains both standard GPS/GNSS observable data and other metadata and data timeseries from the receiver. Streaming BINEX data can be translated to RINEX in real time using GAGE's teqc utility. The various RTCM formats are typically less comprehensive than BINEX, but RTCM is more common and is translated by most NTripClient software.

See our network monitoring map of real-time station locations.

Access Real-Time Data

Access to real-time streaming data must be requested by emailing Please review the GAGE Real-time Streaming GNSS Data Policy as well.

Real-time Data

Real-time Resources

  • RTCM3 Ntrip Sourcetable:
  • BINEX Ntrip Sourcetable:
  • PPP Ntrip Sourcetable:
  • GAGE's Real-time Streaming GNSS Data Policy

Most browsers can not read ntrip sourcetables anymore. Please use a dedicated ntrip client to access them. The BKG Ntrip link below provides a few option.

External Resources


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