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GPS/GNSS Data Access Methods

UNAVCO archives and distributes GPS/GNSS data in a variety of product levels, formats and access methods. Product levels distinguish between raw data (Level 0), pre-processed data (Level 1), and post-processed/derived (Level 2) data products. In addition to direct file server access, web based graphical user interfaces, command line clients, and web services are available.

GPS/GNSS Data Products Access Method / Product Format
Data Product Level Description Generation Frequency Creator File Server Web Graphical Interface Web Service
Level 1 Standard rate data (15-sec) Daily, varies UNAVCO RINEX RINEX n/a
High rate data (1-, 2-, 5-sps) Varies UNAVCO RINEX RINEX n/a
Survey-mode (campaign) data Daily, varies UNAVCO n/a RINEX n/a
Level 2 Position solution time series Daily MIT ASCII, CSV ASCII, CSV ASCII, CSV
Velocity solutions Monthly MIT ASCII ASCII ASCII, CSV
Position offsets (e.g. coseismic) Varies MIT ASCII n/a n/a
Tropospheric parameter estimates Daily CWU ASCII n/a n/a
Position solution QA parameters Daily, varies UNR ASCII ASCII n/a
Position solutions (loose) Daily CWU SINEX SINEX n/a
Position solutions (constrained) Daily MIT SINEX SINEX n/a

Search Applications

We provide both graphical user interfaces and command line client applications to browse metadata and download data in the the GPS/GNSS Data Archive.

  • GNSS & Meteorological Data Access Notebook.
  • DAI v2 [Web application End Of Life due to the retirement of Flash in web browsers]
  • DAI v1 - Original Data Archive Interface web application.
    • Allows search for specifics used in the acquisition of data archived at UNAVCO, e.g., monument style, receivers, or antennas searched via model or serial number.
    • Provides search for campaign data by Principal Investigator (PI) or campaign name. Certain campaign data sets have no permanent monuments associated with the data files collected and these campaigns can only be searched with DAIv1.

File Server

GPS/GNSS data are available via our file server. See our File Server Layout for a guide to the server organization.

Web Services

See our Web Services for RESTful Web Service access to data (e.g. position time series for stations analyzed by GAGE and the University of Nevada Reno Geodetic Laboratory, meteorological data from surface sensors colocated with GPS/GNSS stations) and selected metadata.


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