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GPS/GNSS Data Access Methods

The interactive GPS/GNSS Data Access Methods diagram (below) is intended to help users visualize the data types that are available and to explore the variety of tools and methods of access. In addition to direct ftp access, several Appplication Programming Interfaces (APIs) and web based graphical user interfaces are available, along with map-based visualization tools. Click on the figure!

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GPS/GNSS Data Archive Interface

Use our DAIv2 graphical user interface to browse metadata and data and download GPS/GNSS data in the UNAVCO GPS/GNSS Archive. We also provide an API that you use with our Java clients to programmatically access our GPS/GNSS data and metadata.

  • DAIv2 [Requires Flash]
  • Java clients [Supported with Java Runtime (JRE) versions 5 through 8]

NOTE: The previous version of the DAI, DAI version 1 (DAIv1) may be useful if you need to search for GPS/GNSS collection setup specifics used in the acquisition of GPS/GNSS data that has been archived at UNAVCO, e.g. monument style or receivers or antennas searched via model or serial number. The DAIv1 also provides tools to search for campaign data by, for example, Principal Investigator (PI) or campaign name. Certain campaign data sets have no permanent monuments associated with the GPS/GNSS data files collected and these campaigns can only be searched with DAIv1.


Available upon request, UNAVCO provides GPS/GNSS data and metadata access through our the Geodesy Seamless Archive Centers (GSAC) GUI and API. GSAC has been implemented at multiple data centers to provide a common API and GUI.



UNAVCO holdings of GPS/GNSS data are available via our FTP server. See our GPS/GNSS FTP Server Layout for a guide to the server organization.

Web Services

See our Web Services for RESTful Web Service access to data (e.g. position time series for stations analyzed by GAGE and the University of Nevada Reno Geodetic Laboratory, meteorological data from surface sensors colocated with GPS/GNSS stations) and selected metadata.

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