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Data Archive Interface Version 1 (DAI v1)

The Data Archive Interface Version 1 (DAI v1) provides tools for search and access of GAGE's GPS/GNSS data holdings. Use the DAIv1 to locate data of interest to you using a variety of filters. You can search for both permanent station data, campaign data, and data associated with a monument.

NOTE: The orginal Data Archive Interface, DAI v1 may be useful if:

  • Are having issues running Flash in your browser (required for the DAIv2), or installing Adobe AIR for its Download Cart.
  • Need to search for specifics used in the acquisition of data archived at GAGE, e.g., monument style, receivers, or antennas searched via model or serial number.
  • Need to search for campaign data by, Principal Investigator (PI) or campaign name. Certain campaign data sets have no permanent monuments associated with the data files collected and these campaigns can only be searched with DAIv1.

Search Tools

Permanent Stations Search Tool

When searching for permanent station data, you can build your search using combinations of the following filters:

  • Station Search:
    Filter by station code, network, region, operational status, or data rate.
  • Temporal Search:
    Filter your search with dates.
  • Spatial Search:
    Filter your search with spatial constraints. A radius search filter allows you to specify a radius in km around a point of interest (lat/lon). A bounding box allows you to describe the corners of a box (using lat/lon) around an area of interest.
  • Monument/Equipment Search:
    Filter your search with monument, receiver, antenna, and radome types.
The Map Display, Tabular Display, Help, and Minimize tabs provide options for the display of results and help with your experience using the DAIv1.

Campaigns Search Tool

When searching for campaign data, you can search by campaign name, 4 character station code, PI name, data complete, data availability, and region.

Monuments Search Tool

When searching for monument, you can simply search by 4 character monument code, state/province, and/or country. Use this tool to also check if a 4 character ID is in use.

Station List

A sortable list of permanent stations with archived data at GAGE. Can take query parameter for set (e.g., recent.php?set=pbo).

Staff may view more information (Managers and Cell numbers) if they are logged-in to the GAGE network


Last modified: 2023-05-11  18:23:50  America/Denver