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GPS/GNSS Data Management Overview

GPS/GNSS instrumentation records broadcast signals from the GPS and other satellite constellation, and these raw data are converted into standard daily RINEX files suitable for processing. GPS/GNSS data are recorded at 15-s or 30-s intervals. Several hundred stations of the PBO network also supply downloaded or streamed 1-s data for archiving and distribution. In addition highrate data of 1 Hz or 5 Hz may be Custom Data Requested in association with an event such as a significant earthquake. For data of all rates UNAVCO translates to RINEX and quality checks the data using teqc.

GAGE Analysis Centers process data for all 1100 sites in the PBO GPS/GNSS network and for other sites, including most of the sites in COCONet in the Caribbean region and an additional 500 sites distributed across North America, most of which are operated by other institutions. The final, processed products are SINEX solutions, position time series, and velocities at each station. The solutions allow for detection of position changes at the sub-centimeter level.

UNAVCO tracks instrumentation and other metadata and archives this for distribution and preservation.

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