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Data Policy - Realtime Streaming GNSS

UNAVCO Streaming GNSS Data Policy

Version 1.0
Last modified 2020-09-25 (replaced GPS with GNSS)
Last modified 2008-01-22

This document is the policy that governs access to, and use of, near real-time GNSS data streams made available by UNAVCO. All parties making use of UNAVCO GNSS data streams implicitly agree to these policies. UNAVCO may revoke access to any or all streams for any organization, entity, or individual that violates these policies.

  1. UNAVCO GNSS data streams are primarily intended to support the scientific, education, and government sectors. Priority will be given to supporting such users. Use by the commercial sector is permitted, subject to all terms of this policy.
  2. UNAVCO makes no guarantee of the quality, reliability, usability, or suitability of any UNAVCO GNSS data stream for any particular purpose. UNAVCO GNSS data streams should not be used for any life-critical functions. Users assume all risks and liabilities, direct or indirect, associated with any use of UNAVCO GNSS data streams.
  3. . UNAVCO makes no guarantee of the availability of any GNSS data stream. UNAVCO may discontinue any GNSS data stream without notice. UNAVCO will repair any failed streams on a best-efforts basis only.
  4. Access to and use of UNAVCO GNSS data streams may be monitored for reporting and other purposes. By accessing UNAVCO GNSS data streams, users implicitly consent to such monitoring.
  5. UNAVCO may control the use of streams as needed, including, but not limited to, restricting the maximum amount of data users may transfer in a given period of time, the maximum continuous connection time for users, the maximum number of streams users may access simultaneously, and so on. These limits may be on a per-user, per-host, or per-domain basis as needed.
  6. No user may charge for access to GNSS data streams from UNAVCO stations. Users may charge for value-added services such as positioning applications.
  7. Users must appropriately cite UNAVCO and our sponsors as the source of any data accessed from UNAVCO GNSS data streams. The citation must appear in any publications, presentations, Web sites, and any other materials created in whole or in part using data accessed from UNAVCO GNSS data streams. The citation can be found at: Policies, Forms & Procedures.

This policy may be revised by UNAVCO as needed. UNAVCO reserves the right to refuse future special data requests for any organization, entity, or individual found to be in violation of item 6 or 7 of this policy. Address questions to the PBO Data Products Manager at


Last modified: 2023-09-15  14:58:41  America/Denver