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Java Clients

UNAVCO provides a suite of command line clients that utilize our web services for data search and access. The clients can provide data search and access similar to the DAI Web application. NOTE: the clients require a JAVA runtime environment (JRE) versions 5 though 8.

  • Java command-line clients Download. Updated: 07 Apr 2017 - NOTE: Please Update. This release changes the default web services URL the clients use.
  • See the Java command-line clients Help [PDF] for more information. Updated: 5 Nov 2013

Installing the Clients

Unzip the contents of into a directory of your choosing. To test the install and its compatibility with your Java installation execute the following command on your system (change directory to the one with the clients first):

java -jar unavcoMonuments.jar
The result should be a listing of the command line options. Refer to the downloadable Help documentation above for further information.

For assistance or to report problems with the Java clients, please email


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