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GAGE - SAGE User Profile

The GAGE and SAGE Facilities, operated by EarthScope Consortium, formerly UNAVCO and IRIS respectively, are transitioning to a data access model that requires data users to register and log in (known as Identity Management or simply IdM). We have developed an IdM system that allows users to register for both GAGE and SAGE. Data systems that begin using this IdM will be announced prior to their release.

The GAGE Facility's first release of IdM is for its HTTPS data file server: See the file server transition announcements.

To test logging in to you will need to register a user account with us. Then you can browse the HTTPS server's web pages. To access the file server programmatically from the command line, see our examples. Please send your issues, comments, and suggestions to:


You can use an existing identity provider (CILogon or Google) or sign up to register an account directly with us. This will create a user profile for you.

1) Select an Identity Provider

On our Data File Server log on page you can either:

  • A) Use Your Existing Identity

    If your organization uses Google or CILogon as an identity provider:

    1. Select "Continue with Google" or
    2. Select "Continue with Cilogon"
      • CILogon Federated identity management enables researchers to use their home organization identities to access research applications, rather than requiring yet another username and password to log on.
      • Note: CILogon also allows Google identities to be used.
  • OR

  • B) Create an Identity with EarthScope

    1. Find "Don't have an account? Sign up" and select Sign up.
    2. Enter your email address and password, and select Continue to fill out your User Profile information.

2) Complete Your Profile

  • Fill out your profile information.
  • Note on Institution lookup: We are using the Research Organization Registry (ROR) for Institution names. If your institution is not found, please see How to suggest additions and changes to ROR and let us know at
  • Select the Register button.
    • Important: If you created an identity with us (option B above):
      1. You will receive a verification email.
      2. Keep the profile web page open while you check your email inbox.
      3. Once you have selected the "Confirm my account" link in the verification email we send you, go back to your open web browser with your profile page.
      4. Select the Register button again to finalize the verification process. This will complete your registration.

User Profile

Access your user profile page to manage your account information, access API Keys, and allow you to delete your account.

API Key - For Command Line Access

We display an API key in your user profile. This API key is a short-lived access token that you can copy and paste into http get request headers to try out accessing our file server. However, we recommend our Command Line Interface (CLI) for long running script access.


For systems that use this new IdM, there will be a Login link or button on the top of related web pages, or the login/signup page will be automatically displayed, e.g.,

For command line access, see our Command Line Interface (CLI) (or SDK for developers) to simplify access token acquisition and managemet for unattended data access scripts. See our HTTPS File Server Access Examples for how to get files.

Single Sign On (SSO)

We are working on implementing Single Sign On (SSO) across web systems, so that your user session state (logged in or logged out) is shared across our organization.


Last modified: 2023-11-17  17:05:23  America/Denver