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GeoEarthScope News

NSF Earthscope Northern California Lidar Workshop

Date: March 16-19, 2006
[3 p.m. March 16 (Thursday) - morning March 19 (Sunday)]

Location: Marconi Center (north of Pt Reyes Station, CA)

Workshop to develop plans and priorities to obtain, process and make available LIDAR (ALSM) DEM for the plate boundary structures in northern (and eastern) California

Particulars: ~ 30 persons (dictated by funding and venue size) - NSF support will cover on-site costs at workshop (room and board) and most (if not all) of the travel costs of participants

There will be Overview Presentations, Posters and break-out working groups to develop targets, priorities and science goals. For example, one possible outcome would be the identification and initiation of a set of proposals to NSF Earthscope (and others) to obtain LIDAR data for key regions and/or to address key processes associated with the plate boundary.

If you are interested in participating please email a 1-page (PDF format preferred) ‘appplication’ including:

Name, Address, Position, contact information, approximate travel costs to Conference Site (note we will try to coordinate transport from SFO to Marconi)

Also please include a title/synopsis of a poster presentation you may make and identify any specific regions and/or plate boundary processes for which you wish to obtain LIDAR data in northern or eastern California. This will help ensure that all groups/interests are represented at the workshop. Overview presentations will cover aspects of LIDAR capabilities, examples of previous LIDAR acquisitions, and potential strategies for obtaining funding beyond NSF.

More information on the workshop will be posted on soon. In the meantime please email your indication of interest to

Kevin P. Furlong
Prof. of Geosciences
Geodynamics Research Group
Department of Geosciences
Penn State University

814 863 0567 (office)
814 865 2023 (fax)
814 880 5957 (cell)
814 237 6992 (home)


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