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GeoEarthScope News


Conveners:    John S. Oldow, University of Idaho
Carlos L.V. Aiken, University of Texas at Dallas
J. Doug Walker, University of Kansas
Xu Xueming, University of Texas at Dallas

Date:  7-8 April, 2006
Location:  San Diego Supercomputer Center, San Diego, California

We extend an invitation to you to participate in a two day workshop 
sponsored by the National Science Foundation and GEON ( to 
assess the community needs for the ground-based digital acquisition, 
analysis, and visualization of geologic information.  The goals of the 
workshop are to: (1) identify the methods and technologies required for 
digital data acquisition, (2) to explore database and analysis tool 
requirements, (3) outline a vision for the architecture of national 
system for equipment accessibility, training, analysis, and data 
archiving, (4) initiate a discussion on data standards, required 
metadata, and information formats for databases, (5) identify the 
visualization requirements associated with digital acquisition methods, 
(6) develop a strategy for community involvement and implementation of 
the digital acquisition system, and (7) outline the relation of the 
digital acquisition system to existing or planned cyberinfrastructural 
initiatives in the earth sciences.  We anticipate attendance of  25-30 
earth scientists representing a wide range of expertise in digital 
acquisition, database development, information management, and the 
application of data analysis tools.  Background in these areas, however, 
are not a requirement for attendance.  The findings of the workshop will 
be presented to the geologic community at the 2006 National Meeting of 
the Geological Society of America and the Fall Meeting of the American 
Geophysical Union.  Community participation and acceptance is vital for 
the success of this effort and a website hosted by GEON will be 
developed to facilitate discussion and input before completion of the 
final report.

Respond:  If you have any questions, contact J.S. Oldow 
(  We have funds to cover your expenses and need to 
have a commitment before the end of  December.


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