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GeoEarthScope News

GeoEarthScope LiDAR Working Group Charter


I. Charter


I.a GeoEarthScope, a component of NSF’s EarthScope Facility project, includes the acquisition of aerial and satellite imagery and geochronology to examine the strain field beyond the decade time scales available from the PBO geodetic instrumentation. In order to meet the goals of EarthScope, UNAVCO intends to procure LiDAR imagery for selected targets from appropriate providers.  In carrying out this effort, UNAVCO will seek advice and assistance from a working group selected to represent the LiDAR user community.  The GeoEarthScope LiDAR Working Group will be charged with the following tasks:


  • To advise UNAVCO on LiDAR acquisition targets for EarthScope.  A product of this effort will be a prioritized list of targets based on the scientific goals of EarthScope without regard to budget.
  • To advise UNAVCO on LiDAR RFP’s if necessary to help UNAVCO select the providers that would be recommended for LiDAR acquisition.
  • To advise UNAVCO on LiDAR acquisition specifications, techniques and products most appropriate to achieving the goals of Earthscope.


I.b Working group members will be appointed by the President of UNAVCO, with the concurrence of the EFEC, and will be approved by NSF.


I.c The working group will consist of 8 members including a chair.


I.d The working group chair will communicate the findings and recommendations of the group to the President of UNAVCO and the EFEC. The EFEC will submit the recommendations to NSF for approval.


I.e Working group recommendations are advisory in nature. UNAVCO, in agreement with the EFEC, will make recommendations on target acquisition based on budget and schedule constraints. NSF will approve final acquisitions.



II. Working Assumptions


II.a Working group members will represent the broad EarthScope community in their respective fields. It is their responsibility to gather input from their communities concerning their focus.


II.b The working group will meet as needed in order to meet GeoEarthScope scheduling goals.


II.c Working group meetings will result in a written report authored by the committee chair. These reports will be cataloged and available via UNAVCO and EarthScope web sites.



III. Terms and Conditions of Membership


III.a Working group membership term is for 1 year. There are no restrictions on the number of terms a member can serve.


III.b Membership will be chosen from the LiDAR user community.


III.c LiDAR providers may not participate in the working group due to potential conflict of interests.


III.d. U.S. government employees may not participate as members, but may participate by ex officio status.


III.e Members will not be allowed to respond to any RFP’s associated with the working group.


III.f In selecting members, attention will be paid to potential conflicts of interest, and members will be required to sign a UNAVCO, Inc. Conflict-Of-Interest statement.


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