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GAGE Facility Support FAQs


The following FAQs are presented for reference for new UNAVCO PIs, researchers, and students to provide an overview of resources, service and support available through the GAGE Facility.

General FAQs

[+] How do I contact UNAVCO?

Use our Request Support form, or use section and specialized email lists, or see our Staff Directory, or other Contact information. But if you are still in doubt, Contact Us.

[+] What types of research are UNAVCO PIs involved with?

The UNAVCO community is engaged in geodetic research which includes earthquake processes, mantle properties, active magmatic systems, plate boundary zone deformation, intraplate deformation, glacial isostatic adjustment, global geodesy and plate tectonics, global change, polar processes, hydrogeodesy, and atmospheric sciences.

Community FAQs

[+] How do I become a member of UNAVCO?

To apply for institutional membership, please contact More information about membership is available here.

[+] Who currently serves on the UNAVCO Board of Directors?

Project FAQs

[+] What technologies does UNAVCO currently support for PI science investigations?

  • GPS/GNSS campaigns, permanent station networks and kinematic surveys
  • SAR and airborne LIDAR data acquisition
  • Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS)

[+] What resources are available to investigators?

  • Qualified staff with specific expertise in supporting scientific research projects involving application of advanced technologies
  • Equipment pool of newest generation GPS/GNSS receivers and related equipment
  • Discounted equipment through established UNAVCO member pricing
  • Development & testing
  • SAR and airborne LIDAR data acquisition and production services
  • Ground-based Terrestrial Laser Scanning services
  • Support for special demands of polar projects
  • Borehole geophysical instrumentation
  • Hazard response following significant earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or other notable geophysical events
See more about our Project Support & Services.

[+] What are some of the specific services and support that UNAVCO provides?

  • Project planning and proposal budget development
  • Equipment purchasing, assembly and configuration
  • Project management
  • GNSS campaign and kinematic survey support
  • GNSS Permanent station installation
  • Establishment of networked data communications
  • Network monitoring, operations and maintenance services
  • Site information management
  • Field engineering services
  • Technical support
  • Training for campaign and permanent station deployments (data processing training available through affiliated facilities)
  • Equipment testing
  • Integration and development of customized equipment
  • Equipment repair services
  • Logistics services for shipping and tracking globally deployed assets
  • Financial management
  • Property tracking and management
  • Data management and archiving services
  • Support for education & outreach

[+] What are the different phases in the typical GNSS project life cycle?

  • Technical planning and budget development for proposals
  • Pre-deployment planning, preparation and training
  • Data collection and network installation, operation and maintenance
  • Data preprocessing and distribution
  • Data processing and scientific analysis
  • Archiving of data and science products

See UNAVCO Project Life Cycle.

[+] I am working on a proposal for one of the NSF-EAR, NSF-OPP, or NASA Science Mission Directorate programs. What can I expect from UNAVCO?

UNAVCO can help with technical planning and budgeting for proposals involving GNSS, TLS, InSAR, airborne LIDAR and geochronology services.

[+] What costs does the PI typically incur for UNAVCO's participation? What UNAVCO resources are provided free?

Salaries of UNAVCO staff members are provided by NSF and NASA for participation in supported projects and need not be budgeted for in the PIs budget. Travel, shipping, non-pool equipment and other related project costs are paid for by the PI. Funds for these are made available through subaward or through direct transfer from NSF. Authorized users may use pool equipment for free. Access to archive and related services is free. Where equipment purchases are required, substantial discounts are available on commonly used items through pre negotiated arrangements.

[+] Does UNAVCO maintain a set of guidelines or best practices for GNSS based science investigations?

Yes, we provide extensive guidelines for PIs, including best practice information for GPS/GNSS Campaign & Kinematic surveys and for GPS/GNSS Permanent Station support, both of which include information about equipment and field procedures for high precision GNSS applications.

[+] Does UNAVCO provide user training in high-precision GNSS data collection?

UNAVCO provides user training in all aspects of high precision GNSS data collection. This is typically provided in conjunction with support for specific projects, but occasionally, general training sessions are provided.


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