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News: As the Earth Turns

News includes external links to coverage of geodesy, UNAVCO, and related activities that have been featured in the public domain. The links focus on coverage via press releases, announcements, news articles, and other media sources. In general, the links refer to work where UNAVCO, EarthScope, or UNAVCO Community Members are mentioned. The chronological listing is far from comprehensive, but provides a sample of the discoveries, advances, and benefits of geodesy and geodetic-related work to humankind and planet Earth.

What is Geodesy?

What in the world is geodesy? Geodesy is the study of Earth’s shape, gravity field, and rotation. Geodetic research defines the terrestrial reference frame. Geodetic techniques are used to quantify changes in the Earth’s surface and subsurface; ice sheets and glaciers; and oceans and atmosphere. Geodesy’s broader benefits include help with preparedness and mitigation of hazards and foundational support for space-based operations, navigation, communications, surveying, resource management, and national security. If you would like to know more about geodesy or GPS, please consider the UNAVCO educational resources listed on the left panel or the external links below.

External Links to Descriptions of Geodesy
External Links to Descriptions of Global Positioning System (GPS)



  • Satellites see hurricane winds despite military signal tweaks, 14 June 2019, Paul Voosen, Science Magazine
  • New Report Reveals Economic Benefits from Private Sector Use of GPS, 6 June 2019, RTI News Release
  • A Signal in Giant Earthquakes That Could Save Lives, 29 May 2019, Robin George Andrews, The New York Times
  • The Next Big One—Earthquake Technology, 8 May 2019, National Geographic
  • Caldera chronicles: Volcanoes like Yellowstone rise and fall, some more than others, 1 May 2019, Beth Bartel, Fairfield Sun Times
  • Move Over, San Andreas: There's an Ominous New Fault in Town, 18 April 2019, Geoff Manaugh, WIRED
  • Workshop aims to assist teachers in sharing the science behind earthquakes, tsunamis, 7 April 2019, Hank Davis, KTUU News
  • Post-Wildfire Step-Pool Streams, 4 April 2019, Kea Giles, Geological Society of America Press Release
  • GPS glitch threatens thousands of scientific instruments, 3 April 2019, Declan Butler, Nature
  • Alaska dinosaurs and their ecosystems: Old bones and new technology, 29 March 2019, Tony Fiorillo, UTD Geoscience Studio
  • California Earthquake Early Warning System Gets an Early Test, 29 March 2019, Jim McKay, Government Technology
  • Oakland earthquake alert test: Is your phone listening, 26 March 2019, Lisa M. Krieger, The Mercury News
  • An earthquake lasted 50 days, but no one felt it. Here's why, 12 February 2019, Robin George Andrews, National Geographic
  • Tulane study says seas may be rising faster than thought, 30 January 2019, Barri Bronston, Tulane News
  • Ultra-slow earthquake, 29 January 2019, Josef Zens, GFZ News
  • How IoT became the internet of unexpected things in 2018, 29 January 2019, Chris Penrose, IoT Agenda Blog
  • Satellites saw rapid Greenland ice loss, 22 January 2019, BBC News
  • Greenland's Melting Ice nears a 'Tipping Point,' Scientists Say, 21 January 2019, John Schwartz, New York Times
  • How Did We Get Here? A Panel of Scientists Answers, 10 January 2019, Eos
  • Miller Receives 2018 Waldo E. Smith Award, 10 January 2019, Eos
  • Oregon hopes for quake warning system within 2 years, 3 January 2019, Reed Andrews, KATU News
  • Long-awaited earthquake early warning app for L.A. can now be downloaded, 2 January 2019, Rong-Gong Lin II, Los Angeles Times
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