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Community Publications

UNAVCO's geodesy community publications listing is a compendium of peer-reviewed science and education publications that have likely relied on UNAVCO resources.

These publications either directly acknowledge UNAVCO or have used UNAVCO-supported equipment, services, or data.


Community Publications Listing

Publications from 2003 through early 2018 by UNAVCO community members are available in spreadsheet format. These publications relied on UNAVCO data, tools, or resources. Download as: [Excel format].

What is "UNAVCO-Supported"?

UNAVCO makes a wide range of scientific endeavors possible. UNAVCO support includes project planning, as well as geodetic equipment, engineering, data, education, and outreach services. It also includes community GPS/GNSS/Meteorology networks such as the Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO), POLENET, COCONet, Africa Array, TLALOCNet and the NASA Global GNSS Network (GGN).

In addition, every global GPS survey relies on fundamental tools like teqc (developed and supported at UNAVCO) or the ITRF (supported by UNAVCO upgrades and maintenance of GGN and other key GPS/GNSS stations, by UNAVCO support for coordination of the IGS, etc.). Work that is modeled on UNAVCO-developed technologies is also considered UNAVCO-supported, such as the Crustal Movement Observation Network of China (CMONOC), which included numerous visits and technical exchanges with UNAVCO and was closely modeled on the PBO.

Metrics for the Database: Verified and Proxy

We track two metrics: publications that have verifiably used UNAVCO resources and a proxy for publications that likely relied on our resources. A publication that includes reference to UNAVCO or that has been confirmed by a community member as using UNAVCO resources is considered verified.

Because UNAVCO is not always directly acknowledged in publications that have used its resources, the proxy metric is necessary for tracking growth in geoscience applications using UNAVCO-supported technologies. We have developed a literature search that attempts to capture every high-precision global geodesy paper that relies on UNAVCO fundamentals, even if not explicitly acknowledged.

The criteria for the proxy search have been refined to minimize spurious results by only searching a restricted set of subjects and carefully constructed word associations. We expect that in the thousands of publications found, some outlier papers are included, and some worthy papers are missed. Nonetheless, this metric provides a stable proxy of the growth trend within the reach of UNAVCO work.

Contact Us About Your Publications

Help us keep this page current! Send your publications or references that have relied on UNAVCO resources to: scienceunavco.org.

Recent statistics for the Community Publications Database

The chart below shows statistics for both the proxy and the verified publications. The word map is based on publication titles for the entire database, and illustrates the wide variety of research undertaken by the UNAVCO community.

UNAVCO Community Publications Statistics
Word map created from publication titles in UNAVCO's Community Publications

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