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Hatanaka Format Information at GAGE


Yuki Hatanaka ( (GSI) wrote and maintains rnx2crx and crx2rnx, which allows the user to compress/decompress, respectively, a RINEX observation file into a smaller ASCII format. The Hatanaka-compressed ASCII format version of a RINEX observation file is frequently used in conjuction with the UNIX compress, zip, gzip or other generalized compression utilities to create a very small file for Internet transfer.


GAGE uses the Hatanaka compression strategy for all of its RINEX observation files. By IGS convention, a Hatanaka filename contain a 'd', rather than 'o', as the last filename character. Also by IGS convention, each file is then UNIX-compressed, adding a '.Z' extension to the filename.

(Windows users: to UNIX-uncompress a '.Z' file, use a utility such as Winzip.)

GAGE provides standard UNIX-compressed RINEX observation files for the past year (365 days), in addition to Hatanaka-UNIX compressed files. These are available from the GAGE GPS/GNSS File server. After UNIX-decompression, Hatanaka-decompression to an ordinary RINEX observation file is accomplished with crx2rnx. See also Hatanaka compression/decompression.


Last modified: 2023-09-12  11:24:24  America/Denver