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Data Archive Interface v1

Visit Summary


Visit Summary for Visit ID: 46256 Permanent Station Search
Visit 4-char Code Permanent Station Name Start Time End Time
ABBZ 1999 Dec 02 00:01:00 1999 Dec 05 23:45:00
GAGE Group Name Data Set Operator Name Operator Organization
Antarctica Support 1999/2000 G-081 Mount Erebus Johns, Bjorn UNAVCO
Monument 4-char Code Monument Name Monument Summary IERS DOMES Number
ABBZ ABBZ Monument Summary
Latitude ° Longitude ° Elevation, m Monument Style
-77.456883 166.90895 1736.6
Monument Notes
Equipment for the period: 1999 Dec 02 to 1999 Dec 05
IGS Code Receiver Name Serial Number Part Number
TRIMBLE 4000SSI 4000SSI 3751A21424 24840-NN
System Name GAGE ID Firmware  
AS08 11457 7.29  
IGS Code Antenna Name Serial Number Part Number
TRM29659.00 L1/L2 Dorne Margolin with chokerings 0220067539 29659-00
System Name GAGE ID    
UN14 10469    
Antenna Height
Antenna Height
Measurement Type
Antenna Height
Antenna Height
Consistent w/ raw data file
0.0790 Vertical 0.0790 Y
IGS Code Dome Name Serial Number Part Number

Listing of Files Available at GAGE for Visit ID 46256:  4 Records
Files Available at GAGE
Start Time End Time File Name File Size KB File Type
1999 Dec 05 00:01:30 1999 Dec 05 23:45:00 ABBZ3390 DAT EPH ION MES 1799 RAW
1999 Dec 04 00:01:30 1999 Dec 05 00:00:00 ABBZ3380 DAT EPH ION MES 1815 RAW
1999 Dec 03 00:01:30 1999 Dec 04 00:00:00 ABBZ3370 DAT EPH ION MES 1828 RAW
1999 Dec 02 00:01:30 1999 Dec 03 00:00:00 ABBZ3360 DAT EPH ION MES 1825 RAW


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