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Visit Summary


Visit Summary for Visit ID: 133131 Permanent Station Search
Visit 4-char Code Permanent Station Name Start Time End Time
HELZ 2014 Dec 09 23:32:30 2014 Dec 12 22:55:00
GAGE Group Name Data Set Operator Name Operator Organization
Antarctica Support 2014/2015 G-081 Kyle Ronnie Grapenthin New Mexico Tech
Monument 4-char Code Monument Name Monument Summary IERS DOMES Number
HELZ HELZ Monument Summary
Latitude ° Longitude ° Elevation, m Monument Style
-77.5053 167.1776 3301.9 survey mode type unspecified
Monument Notes
Equipment for the period: 2014 Dec 09 to 2014 Dec 12
IGS Code Receiver Name Serial Number Part Number
TRIMBLE NETR9 L1/L2+L2C/L5 GLONASS L1/L2 Maxwell-5 ASIC,eth + SBAS, with external frequency support 5123K76231
System Name GAGE ID Firmware  
30457 4.85  
IGS Code Antenna Name Serial Number Part Number
TRM57971.00 Zephyr GNSS Geodetic Model II 1441027083
System Name GAGE ID    
Antenna Height
Antenna Height
Measurement Type
Antenna Height
Antenna Height
Consistent w/ raw data file
0.0731 Vertical 0.0731 Y
IGS Code Dome Name Serial Number Part Number

Listing of Files Available at GAGE for Visit ID 133131:  4 Records
Files Available at GAGE
Start Time End Time File Name File Size KB File Type
2014 Dec 12 00:00:00 2014 Dec 12 22:55:00 helz3460 14o 3817 RINEX
2014 Dec 11 00:00:00 2014 Dec 11 23:59:45 helz3450 14o 4002 RINEX
2014 Dec 10 00:00:00 2014 Dec 10 23:59:45 helz3440 14o 4011 RINEX
2014 Dec 09 23:32:30 2014 Dec 09 23:59:45 helz3430 14o 84 RINEX


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