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Metrics Module

This site no longer maintained and here for archival purposes.

With a running instance of Dataworks you may have the need or even the desire to track metrics, the use of your repository by remote end users, including data files managed and/or distributed, web site visits, and GSAC queries.

To monitor data file downloads from your FTP server, it is highly recommended you use the Webalizer service which has been provided and tested with the standard distributions of Dataworks. The Webalizer service can be configured to continually monitor Dataworks services and provide routine report updates through a web interface without running any other software.

To count and summarize requests made by remote users to your GSAC service you can run a Dataworks script, This script scans the Tomcat web services log files for messages written by the GSAC about GSAC requests.

Get the script from the UNAVCO Dataworks Software Repository. See the Dataworks documentation, section 6, for instructions on using the script and the details about its report values.


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