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GSAC for Dataworks

This site no longer maintained and here for archival purposes.

Dataworks uses the GSAC software package. Within Dataworks, GSAC provides a web user interface and a web services API for discovery of GNSS data and metadata. For GSAC to work with Dataworks for GNSS, you must also use the Dataworks for GNSS Database. (For general-purpose GSAC installation outside of the Dataworks context, you should see GSAC Installation.)

The Dataworks documentation, section 3, covers the role of GSAC in Dataworks, some installation instructions, and GSAC configuration for Dataworks.

The GSAC User Guide gives complete details about GSAC services, and how to use GSAC to find site and data information and files.

Get the Dataworks for GNSS software from the UNAVCO Dataworks Software Repository, which includes GSAC code adapted for Dataworks for GNSS.


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