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Data Download Module

This site no longer maintained and here for archival purposes.

The Dataworks Data Download Module is used for the Station Data Management function (as shown in the figure), specifically to download files from remote receivers, storing the files in a local station/data directory, ingesting file information into the Dataworks for GNSS Database, and storing files on a local ftp server for distribution.

The Data Download Module uses station and receiver configuration files for managing options such as formats retrieved and scheduling downloads. The Data Download Module can be used independently to bring receiver files to your local system, or combined with other Dataworks modules. If using the GSAC in combination with the Dataworks Module, you must also implement the Dataworks for GNSS database along with the data Ingest and Export functions of the Download Module for the full functionality of the Dataworks system.

The following receiver types are currently supported within the Download Module:

  • Trimble NetR5
  • Trimble NetR9

The supported download format is currently limited to:

  • RINEX 2.11
  • Raw FTP receiver downloads

These two receivers and the RINEX 2.11 formats are tested for working with coordinating Dataworks modules. While knowledgeable users may be able to incorporate other receivers and formats for downloading with the FTP option, the user will be responsible for associated translation and data management such that integration within the Dataworks system is achieved.

The Dataworks documentation, section 5, covers in detail the installation and configuration information and workflow for setting up and using the Data Download Module.

Get the downloader from the UNAVCO Dataworks Software Repository.


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