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Server Setup

This site no longer maintained and here for archival purposes.

UNAVCO has operated a full stack Dataworks installation on hardware servers and virtual machine servers. Additionally UNAVCO plans to demonstrate operating Dataworks in a cloud-based VM environment as well.

Our recommended operating system for Dataworks (considering safety, security, cost and ease of setup and administration) is GNU/Linux CentOS version 6 and higher. After initial startup of the server, users will also need to add the Java support environment by installing the Oracle JDK7. The software and instructions for the full JDK needed to compile code for GSAC can be found in this link to the Oracle JDK.

Other required system services for Dataworks interoperability include: MySQL v5 or greater, VSFTP, Tomcat6 or greater. We also strongly recommend Apache 2.2 and Webalizer. These services should be installed using CentOS native software manager YUM.

Dataworks requires Python 2.7 to support most of it's customized scripting. Depending upon your version of CentOS, you may have to install Python 2.7 following the instructions on the Python Support Page. Additionally the downloader and mirroring scripts need extended Python libraries to interact with the MySQL database. Users may acquire the mysqldb library by going to the PyPi website, searching for "MySQL-python" and following the instructions located there for installing the latest version of the package in Python 2.7. For the MySQL connector Python library users should follow the Oracle supported instructions located at the MySQL support site by selecting the download Tabs at the top of the page then select the MySQL Connectors tab on the left side of the page.

UNAVCO's experience in data management operations suggested creating two user accounts. A 'developer' account is required to have sudo privileges to manage services and deploy applications. A second 'operator' account is used to manage the daily operations for Dataworks.

A comprehensive guide, Dataworks System Services Guide, is available for configuring and managing user accounts, service configuraton, system setup and trouble-shooting. Following the server setup and configuration users can install the Dataworks software packages in accordance with the instruction provided in the Dataworks Installation Guide.


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