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This site no longer maintained and here for archival purposes.

Your main information resource for operation of a Dataworks for GNSS repository is Dataworks for GNSS: Manual for Data Repositories. This manual covers all of the functions of Dataworks software. This manual does not cover the steps of preparing a server for Dataworks software, and does not cover accessing and installing the software. Documentation for these steps are in two additional documents:

We recommend dedicating a server or virtual machine to running Dataworksfor GNSS. You will need to complete some software package installs and server configuration prior to downloading and installing Dataworks for GNSS software. A comprehensive guide for server setup, Dataworks System Services Guide, is available. This guide covers configuring and managing user accounts, service configuraton, system setup, and trouble-shooting.

Following the server setup and configuration users can access and install the Dataworks software packages in accordance with the instructions provided in the Accessing Dataworks Guide.

An option for running a Dataworks for GNSS Repository is to use an Amazon virtual machine; UNAVCO has made an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) available for this purpose. Guidance for working with the Dataworks AMI and an AWS instance is found in the Accessing Dataworks Guide.


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