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Course Agenda | Using high resolution topography, UAVs, and GPS in undergraduate field education

Anticipated Agenda

  • Dates: Tuesday August 15 - Friday 18, 2017
  • Location: UNAVCO and nearby field sites, Boulder, Colorado (map of UNAVCO-Longmont area)
  • Times: Course will begin at 6 pm on Tuesday August 15th, 2017 and end at noon on Friday August 18th.
  • Please do not book flight departures before 2:30 pm on August 18 from Denver, CO.
  1. The teaching resources featured in the short course can be found on the GEodesy Tools for Societal Issues (GETSI) website.
    1. The primary module that was used was Analyzing High Resolution Topography with TLS and SfM
    2. Check back on the GETSI website to see when the High Precision Positioning GPS/GNSS module is published.
  2. Most the lectures given during the short course pulled from the presentations available in the Analyzing High Resolution Topography module. However, if you wish to refer to the exact presentations that were given during the short course, they are below.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Time Event Presenter
6:30 pm - Welcome to UNAVCO
- Group Introductions
Beth Pratt-Sitaula
6:30 pm Dinner at UNAVCO  
7:15 pm

- Short course background and overview
- Introduction to geodesy field applications

- Load software from USB drives & collect computer codes for SplitFX

Beth Pratt-Sitaula
Chris Crosby / Michael Bunds / Yonathan Admassu

Wednesday August 16

Time Event Presenter
  Breakfast at hotel  
8:00 am

Marriott Courtyard Meeting Room
- Teaching resources overview
- Introduction SfM methods (technology, workflow, and georeferencing)

Beth Pratt-Sitaula
Michael Bunds / Ian Lauer
9:30 am
  • Depart for Lyons field site for intro to surveying (SfM with UAV platform, GPS ground control and survey design)
Michael Bunds / Chris Crosby / Ian Lauer / Spencer Niebuhr or David Mencin
  Lunch in the field  
~2:00 pm Return to hotel  
  Break (1-1.5 hours)  
3:30 pm Meet in hotel foyer to drive to UNAVCO  
4:00 pm

Introduction to Agisoft (SfM data processing) - refer to SfM Guide for Instructors and Investigators and SfM Data Processing and Exploration Manual

Michael Bunds
6:30 pm Dinner buffet at UNAVCO  
7:15 pm

- Agisoft intro continued
- Debrief, reflection & question/answer time

Michael Bunds / Chris Crosby
Beth Pratt-Sitaula

Thursday, August 17

Time Event Presenter
  Breakfast at hotel  
7:30 am Meet in hotel foyer to drive to UNAVCO  
8:00 am

- Introduction to applications of outcrop scans of high resolution topography
- Overview of TLS method

Yonathan Admassu / Beth Pratt-Sitaula
Chris Crosby

9:00 am Depart for Eldorado Canyon State Park site for outcrop scanning Yonathan Admassu / Chris Crosby / Marianne Okal / Ian Lauer
  Lunch in the field  
~2:00 pm

- Return to UNAVCO
- Working with outcrop data for slope stability analysis
- Discussion of other data processing questions
- Quick tour of UNAVCO (optional)

Yonathan Admassu
Chris Crosby / Marianne Okal / Ian Lauer

Joe Pettit

5:00 pm Break and drive back to hotel  
6:30 pm Dinner buffet at Holiday Inn Dakota Room (H Inn shares parking lot w/ Marriott; BYOB is fine  
7:15 pm

Community presentations (available on Dropbox)
- detailed session agenda

Various participants

Friday, August 18, morning

Time Event Presenter
  Breakfast at hotel  
7:30 am Meet in hotel foyer to drive to UNAVCO


8:00 am

- Group photo (meeting in lobby)
- Exploration of other teaching resources
- Wrap up any other elements as needed

Beth Pratt-Sitaula
All instructors

9:30 am Discussions of teaching implementation and individualized plans Beth Pratt-Sitaula
11:30 am Assessment survey Beth Pratt-Sitaula
12:00 pm Packed lunches and first group departs for the airport  


Please contact Beth Pratt-Sitaula, UNAVCO


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