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Using high resolution topography, UAVs, and GPS in undergraduate field education

Participant Checklist

  • Dates: Tuesday August 15 - Friday 18, 2017
  • Location:UNAVCO and nearby field sites, Boulder, Colorado (map of UNAVCO-Longmont area)
  • Times: Course will begin at 6 pm on Tuesday August 15th, 2017 and end at noon on Friday August 18th.
  • Please do not book flight departures before 2:30 pm on August 18 from Denver, CO.

Thank you for completing the following tasks on schedule so we can maximize the time during the workshop for learning and collaboration.

May 1, 2017

Send answers to the following questions to Beth Pratt-Sitaula prattsitaulaunavco.org

  1. Will you be able to bring a PC laptop to the short course? (if not, we will provide you a rented computer but it will be preferable to work on your own computer if possible)
  2. What is your gender?
  3. Do you have a requested roommate? (see Participants list)

July 21, 2017

Tell Jaime Magliocca jmagliounavco.org your travel plans so she can arrange grouped transportation from the airport.

Prior to August 15, 2017 short course beginning

  1. Review the teaching module that we will be basing the the course on - Analyzing High Resolution Topography
  2. If you are less familiar with the methods you may want to take a particular look at:
    1. SfM Guide for Instructors and Investigators 
    2. TLS Field Methods Manual
  3. Prepare your presentation if you volunteered to give one during the Community Examples session on Thursday August 17. Presentations should be 5 minutes so we can have a couple minutes of questions. We recommend preparing just 5-7 slides. (detailed session agenda)
  4. Review packing list for appropriate equipment and clothes


Please contact Beth Pratt-Sitaula, UNAVCO prattsitaulaunavco.org

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