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Borehole Tilt Data

UNAVCO operates small aperture arrays around volcanic sites in the Washington, Wyoming and Alaska. Tilt data are recorded by 10 biaxial borehole tiltmeters at Mount St. Helens, 4 in Yellowstone, and 12 in Alaska. Many of the tiltmeters are co-located with PBO seismic and strainmeter sites. Data are sampled at 1 Hz and 1-minute intervals, and are made available in time-stamped ASCII format in units of radians from UNAVCO.

Tiltmeter data are available from PBO instruments in four separate arrays: two in Alaska on Akutan and Unimak islands, one on Mt. St. Helens, and one in Yellowstone National Park.

Raw (Level 0) tiltmeter data consist of ASCII files containing X/Y tilt. Sampling rates are either 1 Hz or 1 sample-per-minute, depending on the station. There are no processed tiltmeter data products because raw tilt data can be directly used in modeling or to monitor deformation.

PNUM Station Name Installed Instrument RAW Data Files Time Series
PNUM Station Name Installed Instrument RAW Data Files Time Series

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