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Creepmeter Data

Creepmeter data from ~35 creepmeters located in California and Turkey are comprised of measurements of aseismic fault slip using a length-standard anchored to one side of the fault and buried obliquely through the fault zone.  Displacements of the free end of the length standard (an invar or carbon rod) relative a second anchor on the far side of the fault are tabulated in each of the files.  Fault parallel slip is derived by dividing the listed displacements by the cosine of the obliquity of the rod relative to the strike of the fault. The relevant obliquity is listed in degrees next to the two letter site code of each creepmeter.

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SSA = Southern San Andreas fault. NAF = North Anatolian Fault. EAF = East Anatolian Fault.

Site Obliquity Latitude Longitude Fault segment
AK30°30.892566.5334Amir Khan, Chaman Fault, Pakistan
CH35°40.870132.6285Cherry, NAF, Turkey
DU30°33.412-115.795Pipeline SSA Durmid Hill, California
FE30°33.4572-115.8539Ferrum SSA Durmid Hill, California
GB30°35.5239-117.3731Garlock, 8 mm cracks, California
GD30°35.4434-117.6832Garlock Fault, California
GS30°35.5022-117.4678Garlock, Searles Valley, 10 mm cracks, California
GT30°35.4695-117.5919Garlock, near Trona Road, 5 mm cracks, California
HA30°40.872932.6603Hamamli NAF, Turkey
IR30°33.57-115.9785Indian Ring SSA North Shore, California
IZ28°40.721129.9465Izmit NAF, Turkey
NS45°33.5307-115.9388North Shore SSA North Shore, California
PE30°40.865732.5976Petrol NAF, Turkey
PN30°38.69939.9537Palu North EAF, Turkey
PS30°38.69939.9537Palu South EAF, Turkey
QE30°33.6473-116.078E. Quarry SSA Mecca Hills, California
QW30°33.6526-116.0846W. Quarry SSA Mecca Hills, California
R735°35.596-117.4019M7.1, rupture Pinnacle Rd, Ridgecrest, California
RA30°35.6189-117.5722M6.4, rupture Randsburg Wash road, Ridgecrest, California
RB30°35.6189-117.5722M6.4 rupture Randsburg Wash road, Ridgecrest, California
RC30°30.85366.519Rail Crossing, Chaman Fault, Pakistan
RR45°32.7812-115.4485Ross Road, Imperial Fault, California
SC30°33.4485-115.8437Salt Creek SSA Durmid Hill, California
SC72°33.4485-115.8437Salt Creek SSA Durmid Hill, California
SE28°40.869232.6194Sazlik W. NAF, Turkey
SH30°33.3713-115.7808North Shoreline Fault, California
SL30°40.720929.9720Seller NAF, Turkey
SU30°32.9303-115.7009Carbon - Superstition Hills Fault, California
SU30°32.9303-115.7009Invar - Superstition Hills Fault, California
SW28°40.869732.6209Sazlik E. NAF, Turkey
TE38°40.72130.0784Tepetarla NAF, Turkey
WN33°40.869832.6258Ismetpasa Wall north NAF, Turkey
WS33°40.869732.6258Ismetpasa Wall south NAF, Turkey
XMR30°36.592-121.1867SA Melendy Ranch, California

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